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At sekr-Tek, we offer a range of speed detection radar and accessories suited to meet your needs. Our products are constructed using top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, making them the perfect addition to your toolkit. Whether you have a need for our doppler chronograph radar technology for professional or personal use, we deliver it in a compact and convenient way that fits in your hand.

Have a hard time finding what you need? Take a look at our selection of products and get in touch with us if you need something more specific - our team is always happy to assist you.

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MACH IV Radar Chronograph

Starting at 900€

VAT not included

Get the most accurate data on the market with sekr-tek's SpeedTracker Radar Chronograph. This best in class chronograph features 3 meters measuring, 4 hours of continuous radar and transmission times, Bluetooth enabled mobile phone instant data and control panel, USB C rechargeable battery (2 hrs), a mounting bracket for easy on/off setup, and more. Shop now!



Coming Soon

This Sekr-Tek AIR radar is ahead of its competition in terms of performance and convenience. It comes packed with various features that allow for a hassle-free user experience, including a rechargeable built-in battery, dynamic Bluetooth data screen with voice-over, and preset calibration that eliminates the need for any setup to your equipment. What's more, it's made with superior quality die-cast aluminum rather than flimsy plastic, making it sturdier and more durable. You'll also love the smart Picatinny clip-on system that comes included. The cherry on top, however, is that it's capable of downloading data to Excel for further analysis, making it the best choice for many Olympic Air Competitors.

Paintball Players


In Development

Exciting speed tracking solution for serious paintball competitors. With the sekr-Tek PAINT you will know instantly how your air-pressure is changing throughout the game.  Consistency is key and easily to meet with the knowledge of your paintball speed on everyshot.

Release date 2023

Image by Robert Ruggiero


In Development

These are two projects in development.

Golf ball speed and trajectory are crucial to improving your game.

Bowling Ball data is an effective way for a team to review their ball speed and trajectory when training and competing.

Stay Tuned for these exciting products in 2024


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  • Now you can detect EVERY shot fired.

  • Using a radar cross-section that is 144 times larger we track every shot.

  • See each shot with continuous fire.

  • Bluetooth enabled.

  • Mobile phone instant data and control panel.

  • 4 hours of continuous radar and transmission times.

  • Convenient recharge with USB C, 2 hours

  • Compact size mounts easily to a weaver rail system.

  • Accuracy <=0.1%

  • The latest radar technology in the most convenient size offers the most accurate data on the market

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